A blog about a weak during an exam week

The preliminary examinations week has just begun 2 days ago, and I’m already worried about the results I’ll get!

ICS111(Programming/Software) and Philosophy started my first college prelim week, which was not a very good combination to be scheduled in a same date. I kinda enjoyed taking the ICS111 because we answered online and the exam only has two types: Multiple Choice and “type the output of the program” questions. On the other hand, the questions in Philosophy were only dictated by our professor while we wrote our answers in a 1/4 sheet of yellow paper divided in three tables. (Yes, it’s my first prelim exam written on a 1/4 sheet of paper)

Math 101(College Algebra) exam for the 2nd day of the prelim week, which was yesterday. The questions/problems weren’t that hard and I finished the exam exactly 2 hours. Sabi nga ng kaibigan ko, “Hindi naman complicated yung Math. Ginagawa lang ng ibang taong complicated kaya sila nahihirapan.”


I just took the Math 102(Plane Trigonometry) for today’s examination and good thing we have the same professor for our Math subjects, so the types of questions are the same with Math 101 exam.

Theology I and English I are the two scheduled exams for tomorrow. Actually, I just finished studying Theology I, which the coverage is about the whole book of Genesis. The story is too good! I can now connect the bible stories mentioned by fragments when I was in high school. Now I know how Noah is connected to Adam, how Isaac and his sons, Jacob and Esau, are connected to Noah, and even Moses and David. I can even name their spouse and descendants.

For the last day of exams on Saturday, ICS111(Operating Systems, Hardwares and Assembly) and Values Ed. will be taken. ICS111 will be a challenging test, unless I can finish studying several powerpoints uploaded by my professor for us to study (but I am ready to read ya’ll!). However, maybe Values Ed. will not be as hard as the other examinations because our prof said that we just need to memorize the UST Vision and Mission, as well as its Code of Conduct.

Bye people! If some high school students are reading this(specifically Ced’s batch mates), good luck for the results and for your upcoming college entrance tests. More power!


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