Balut Vendor turns himself into a Web Developer

             Can you believe that a balut vendor namely Emerson Paguia turns himself to a Web Developer? How? What can determination do to change an individual’s state of living?

                A simple determination and having compassion to reach his dream made the life of Emerson Paguia to change. Every time he sells balut, he’s also saving money so he can use a computer in computer shops just to search for available scholarships. One day, he saw a post about Web Development by Informatics College. His desire to learn suddenly made him grab that chance. Emerson has his own family. The money he gets or saves from selling balut only goes for the education of his child; which leaves him no money when going to Informatics College, but that didn’t stop him! He said to himself, “Kung kaya ko maglakad ng tatlo hangang apat na oras sa pagtitinda ng balut, siguro kaya ko din maglakad papasok at pauwi galing sa pinapasukan ko.”

He walks for three and a half hour to go to school and another three and a half hour to go back in his home at Angono, Rizal. Emerson now works at Informatics as a Web Developer with pride and gladness.

There are only few Filipinos that we know that overcome or experienced this situation. We all know Manila’s Vice Mayor, Isko Moreno, who was used to pick and collect piles of recyclable and reusable garbage to help his family to stop their burden. Another is Manny V. Pangilinan, the well-known businessman and one of the richest people here in our country, whose family was not that capable in supporting him in his studies.

Imagine what our country can be, if everyone has the attitude just like Emerson’s. Reaching success is not easy. Determination and having the desire to change his/her state of living is the key to success. When I listened to the story of Emerson, I was shocked when I heard that he walks from Rizal to Eastwood. With that determination, no one will ever fail reaching their dreams. On the other hand, if some people will stay lazy and not contended in what they have, they’ll just be like an undiscovered constellation in the galaxy full of stars and will remain undiscovered unless they show that they deserve to become one of the beautiful constellations in the sky.

You are your own key to success. You just need to find the right path and never give up in any obstacle that you’ll encounter.

You can watch the inspirational story of Sir Emerson Paguia by clicking the link provided below:


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