Conversion (Doing good to change the world)

I’ve been in an endless journey across the universe meeting people as countless as the stars with different attitudes and perceptions in life. Like the stars,  some will explode, turn into a black hole, and tries to drag you with them to their miserable life; while others who already reached their goal and dream will stay in the clear night sky shining like a diamond and give people a very magnificent view. Both are stars, but right or wrong, have a very strong force of influence to people around them.

Imagine how one star(right or wrong) can convert how people in this world see reality. Imagine how one star can change a certain norm in a big or small community.

Life is sometimes just a simple true or false for me, where there are only two choices, one is correct, and one is wrong. The answer of an individual to that “True or False” question in life doesn’t and shall not depend on others, but shall only depend on his own perspective and conscience. But still, some people still answer the question incorrectly; maybe because they’ve been dragged by a black hole, or they were the black hole from the start.

As a part of my blog about good things, I want to share this  poem entitled “Imagine” made by me when I was still in high school. It’s about imagining what our world could be if positive auras fill our world.


What if nobody was abandoned?
And what if the knowledge was absorbed?
We could live without remorse,
We could love with the feelings expose.

If everyone tried and nobody cried,
If everyone who denied swallows their pride,
If nobody lied and we’re all glorified,
Then, we’ll be tied up and satisfied.

Look at the world where we live in,
most of us live with a sinister skin.
But there will be light, it will gleam.
In the stray of hope, we’ll work as a team.

What If everyone loved their adversary?
Then, we’ll live altogether so happily.
What If they were united like you and me?
Then, Imagine what our world could be.

Let’s all do good. Let’s all be one of the good stars. Together with them, let’s unite and create one big good constellation  and make a fascinating view at the universe per se.


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