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My Ateneo Essay

Since I’m a fourth year student, I’ve applied to many universities and one of it is Ateneo. I want to be an atenista someday even if they don’t have my preferred course(mechanical engineering). So anyway, Ateneo needs an essay of their applicant even before the actual test. Keep in mind that the actual test has an essay question too. That’s why before qualifying in Ateneo, you’ll be writing down two essays. In order for them to get to know us better, we need to answer a question in the form of an essay. They do not change the question that’s why the question from the previous years remains the same until now. So anyway, here’s my rushed essay

“Are there any significant experiences you had, or accomplishments you have realized, that have helped to define you as a person?”

I’m usually an introverted person. I’d rather hold my pen and let its ink flow as it synchronize with the rhythm of my hand than to join my friends’ weekly hang outs. Throughout every problems I have encountered, my character helped me to be the person I am today.

I¬†think a lot especially when I’m alone. I always think about ideas, but eventually, some of my thoughts ¬†disappear and pop like bubbles. It’s probably because of the many things that run in my mind. My thoughts are like undiscovered constellation disdained because of the countless stars present in my mind.

Despite my agoraphobic character, I still can make friends like an average person. Making friends is quite natural to me even if they don’t have any idea that there are stars colliding deep inside my head. I always think more and say less.

Whenever I have a problem, I think of it as an obstacle. An obstacle I can get through no matter how big it is. I believe that problems are puzzles which can be solved by those who persist and can never be solved by those who quit. I’m quite an optimist and that’s why I don’t always struggle whenever I have problems.

But then, I realized something. Facing the mirror, I asked myself, “Who am I?” I realized that I can’t find myself. My thoughts made me who I am, but they also lead to doubts about who I really am. My thoughts lead me nowhere because they are just locked in a specific thing: a cage. I am only concerned with the inner world and maybe, that’s why I can’t find myself. I need to go out in my cell and explore the wonders of the real world.

That is where I am, the real world. I had been so inclined to my thoughts that I didn’t even consider that there is a world outside the universe of my thoughts where I can find who I really am.

I can see myself there. I can see my self under the flashes of the spectrum of light, writing an essay and thinking how his thoughts gave his life colors.

I didn’t write the essay for the Ateneo form. I wrote the essay for myself. It’s rushed. I apologize for any grammatical errors present in the essay. I know that I’m not a skilled writer. Ha ha ha! I hope I can improve my writing and grammar skills!

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